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AVS-i2240 I-Touch
Ventilation Controller

Static Pressure

2240/2248 Controller
Whole House Controller

AVS-45 Controller

1032 Controller
Whole House Controller

Digi-Pro Temperature Controller

EMTS Controller

Attic Vent - Side Vent Interface

The AVS I-Touch Controllers, and the AVS-2240 and AVS-2248 Controllers
can be linked by an internet router to the FarmQuest website and can
be accessed by any PC or smart device.
Contact us for details.

Contact AVS for other Controllers

AVS-i2240 I-Touch Control

The AVS-i2240 I Touch features a large 10-inch "touch pad" navigation display. The user can select, swipe, drag, enlarge and compress similar to smart phones and smart pads. This control is WiFi ready, and will automatically connect to the FarmQuest Livestock Management website for password secure access by any internet capable device. This controller monitors up to 12 temperature sensors, static pressure and relative humidity for environmental control (heat, fans, openers, cool pads, etc.). It can control variable speed fans, multiple vents and tunnel doors, lights and dimmer schedule, feed and water programs. It can also monitor bird weight.

AVS-i2240 I Touch PDF Configuration Manual
AVS-i2240 Flyer

AVS-500-TSP PDF Manual

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AVS-2240/2248 Controller

The AVS-2240 or AVS-2248 Controller is a whole house poultry management computer system. The AVS-2240/48 can monitor up to 12 temperature sensors, as well as static pressure, humidity, and 2 separate feed and water inputs. It has 40 relay outputs to operate all aspects of ventilation (heat, fans, openers, etc.), and control feed and lighting. This controller also records history of sensors and other inputs and the time use of the various ventilation units.

AVS-2240/2248 PDF Manual 190531M11
AVS-2240/2248 PDF Manual 160902M11
AVS-2248 PDF Manual 150515M8
AVS-1640 PDF Manual

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AVS-1032 Controller

A precursor to the AVS-2240, the AVS-1032 Controller is still a powerful poultry house management system. It has a possible 10 inputs for sensors, static pressure, humidity, water and feed. There are available 32 relay outputs for actuators, heat, fans and feed. It can also control dimmable lights.

Sample 1032 Manual (10A02F8)

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AVS-EMTS Temperature Controller

The AVS-EMTS uses a combination of 4-stage thermostats and single stage thermostats with a mechanical timeclock to manage ventilation fans, vent doors and tunnel curtains. This controller is equipped with two Photohelic gages, one with settings for minimum ventilation and the second for tunnel ventilation. The AVS-EMTS includes a vent pre-open function, transitions in and out of tunnel ventilation, and an open/close switching delay.

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AVS Static Pressure Controller

The Static Pressure Controller utilizes a Photohelic gage with adjustable high and low setpoints to manage vent doors under power (fan) ventilation. It includes internally adjustable open and close delays.

AVS Static Pressure Control PDF Manual

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AVS-45 Static Pressure Controller


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AVS Digi-Pro Temperature Controller

The AVS Digi-Pro Temperature Controller is an electronic control that uses up to 4 remote temperature sensors to monitor house/room temperature to manage a sidewall curtain actuator. The Digi-Pro also has a 2nd stage output that can be configured for cooling or heating, and an alarm output for high and low temperatures. The grower can program a temperature ramping schedule into the Digi-Pro, and there is also a selectable \\'progressive\\' feature that increases the curtain drive run time should there be a rapid change in the room temperature.

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Attic Vent - Side Vent Interface

With increasing energy costs, utilizing the warm air that accumulates in the attic space has become a valid option when birds are young. This Interface works in existing houses to open attic vents prior to, or in conjunction with existing side wall vents. It also accepts a signal to lock out the attic vents when the temperature is too high.

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